Donate Soup

At Soupline Supper, a good bowl of soup has the power to change lives!

You can be part of Homeless Services Center’s (HSC) 17th Annual Soupline Supper on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at the Boardwalk’s Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz.

Join over 50 local restaurants and donate three gallons of your most famous soup — appetizer platters, salad, bread, and desserts are also welcome donations. “Celebrity Ladlers” serve your wonderful food, and there will be a brief HSC update from Executive Director, Phil Kramer for the more than 400 attendees.

Your contribution helps HSC end homelessness in Santa Cruz County.

Learn more about restaurants that are already confirmed for 2016 here.


Our goal is to obtain approximately three gallons of soup per donor—appetizer platters, salad, bread, and desserts are also welcome donations. As in years past, if soup donors are able to loan us a pot and ladle, we will return them promptly after the event.

We have volunteers to pick up food at donating restaurants on the day of the event—the volunteer will call you in advance on April 19 -20 to confirm the donation and coordinate pick up time–or, if you are able, we would welcome your direct delivery to the Cocoanut Grove on April 21 between 1pm-3pm. HSC will mail or hand-deliver a letter with HSC tax ID 77-0126783 acknowledging your gift.

If you have any questions or would like to confirm your food/beverage donation, please contact Michelle Mattson, 831-458-6020, xt.1117,


All food/beverage donors receive recognition in print and electronic media including:

  • Listing in printed materials distributed to approximately 2,500 households/ businesses – deadline is 3/17/2016.
  • Listing and a link to your business on the event website at
  • Facebook posts recognizing your business as a Soupline donor
  • Recognition on signage at the event
  • Recognition in news ads following the event