Scrapbook of Souplines Past

Colly Gruczelak, a first-time Soupline Supper featured restaurant partner, volunteer, and HSC supporter extraordinaire, wrote a heart-felt, humorous article about her experience participating in the 15th Annual Soupline Supper:

“Five gallons of soup”, my Hubby Norm yelled, “five gallons of soup?…Colly this time you’ve gone too far!” he kept repeating as I lugged in twenty pounds of Cremini mushrooms packed in five pound cartons.  Next came twenty-two quarts of chicken stock, cream and onions and finally, the bottle of sherry wine that it would take to create the Santa Cruz Mountains Gourmet Dinner Club’s Rustic Cream of Mushroom Soup.  Read more at Press-Banner – Plain Talk About Food Five Gallons Of Soup.

Many thanks to Bob Fairbanks, who was a high school classmate of Rowland Rebele’s, for filming a short video of the 14th Annual Soupline Supper.  Check it out here:

Guests, Celebrity Ladlers, and Volunteers at Soupline Supper in 2013 :


20130425-IMG_4907  20130425-IMG_4904 

Santa Cruz Derby Girls have supported Soupline Supper in years past.  Check out this video:

The power of a bowl of soup to bring together community and open doors for thousands of men, women, and children through the mission of Homeless Services Center:

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Before Soupline Supper moved to the Cocoanut Grove, Holy Cross church hosted the event.  Even though this is four years old, and the venue has now changed, this video really captures the heart and soul of Soupline supper and the origins of where it began.  Check it out here and join us in person to experience the joy of our community supporting the mission to end homelessness: